I've been honoured to work on a solo album as well as other people's as a featured artist.

Those Thousand Seas was produced and co-written by Mike Hedges. Co-writers also include Sally Herbert, Al Mobbs, and Shelley Pool. The album was signed to Sony/BMG in 2007, and dropped in 2008 when it failed to sound enough like Dido. So Mike and I finished it ourselves. Mike made the album possible. He invested huge amounts of time and energy into it, and although it's a shame it never saw the big release it was earmarked for, I can hold me head high, and say that I love it.


We don't need another Dido, because Dido does Dido really well. I believe in compromise, collaboration, co-creation, but not if it tips into losing yourself. This album was a hell of a journey, and a labour of love and learning.


Those thousand Seas

The title track from my solo album, and a video made in collaboration with my friend Betony Vernon, American/Italian erotic jewellery maker and sexual anthropologist. Shot by my friends Dana and Eric at BURST.

The video explores the concept of femininity as surrender to our passion and to our care. To love as the powerful force, not a weakness. It experiments with daring to explore. Daring to desire. Daring to be trustworthy. Daring to love.

We are designed for love. We are designed for connection, for pleasure, respect, and desire. And who we really are matters. Our love matters. We are nothing without it.

(Youtube has set the video rating to 18+ which may affect your ability to view it depending on your settings)

That Fever, Neil Davidge

A co-write on his first solo album 'Davidge', 2014.

That Fever was used as a closing track for the Golden Globe winning TV series The Affair.

It wasn't a massive surprise, though it was a massive honour, that the track was used for a sensual intimate scene. It was written pretty much about such a moment, when two people let go of everything but each other.

Anyone Laughing, Neil Davidge

A co-write on his solo album 'Davidge', 2014.

The video was shot for anyone wondering how much make-up, lights and camera filters affect a face. I got fed up by the hypocrisy and the pressure it puts on women. Never compare yourself to anyone on screen, because it's essentially bullshit. It's Showbiz baby.

The song is a call to listen to the voices that love us, that we're often too busy to pay attention to.


A collaboration with a bunch of legendary folk. Drummer Steve Barney and bass player Michael Cusick brought together some old and new friends, including Apollo 440 frontman Ewan Macfarlane, Melanie Gabriel, Claire Feeney and yours truly, to play together and make some music.

I got to do two tracks, and sing backing vocals for Ewan on a third. A very gentle and intimate track from normally very noisy people :)

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 13.28.29.jpg

Upcoming Collaboration

Look out for an upcoming track in production with Swiss/American/UK Collective 'Saint Mars' 

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