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I started tracking up my vocals mostly because I couldn't play any instruments well enough to arrange the songs I was writing any other way. At least, that was the case at the very beginning. I quickly realised that I could express more with my voice than I personally ever could with any instrument, so I leaned into it. It quickly became what people came to me for, which is lucky for me because I'm rarely happier than when I'm gazing at an empty 32 track session that I need to fill in!

Criminal Record, 2024, Apple TV, staring Cush Jumbo & Peter Capaldi.

Score by Neil Davidge & Mikey Assante, vocals by yours truly.

Seven Worlds One Planet, BBC, Sir David Attenborough

An orchestral cover of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics for the BBC Sir David Attenborough series, 2019.

What a dream come true to have Annie Lennox on one side and Sir David on the other, wrapped up in Neil Davidge's beautiful orchestrations and production.

Halo 4, 343 Industries, Microsoft Xbox

Vocal arrangements, featured backing & lead vocals. My singing is scattered throughout Halo 4's soundtrack, which went on to become the highest charting game soundtrack of all time.

I was messing about with a multi-track pedal one day, making sounds I hadn't really made before, when Neil put his head round the door and said "Hey, that sounds interesting... I need some vocals that represent an ancient alien race, don't suppose you fancy having a play?"

When Microsoft leaned into the idea of the choral arrangements being inspired by traditional Bulgarian singing, I immediately returned to my copy of Kate Bush's album The Sensual World, which I had been singing along to since I was a girl, utterly mesmerised by the Trio Bulgaria's voices. I arranged and demo-ed the tracks, supposedly for a choir to record. But everyone loved the demos, so they used them without changing a thing. I owe humble thanks to the Trio Bulgaria and Kate Bush for the education, and also to the London Bulgarian Choir for additional backing vocals.

Halo 4 Official Trailer

Music by Neil Davidge, Vocals by Claire Tchaikowski  

For 343 Industries, Microsoft Xbox

Hard Sun 2018, BBC, closing track

Hard Sun is a pre-apocalyptic British crime drama series, created and written by Neil Cross (Luther), starring Agyness Deyn and Jim Sturgess.

Score by Neil Davidge, Vocals by Claire Tchaikowski.

A Peace Of Music

A short documentary I produced in 2011 with my dear friend Dana Trometer from BURST Pictures, in celebration of International Peace Day and support of the organisation Peace One Day.

There's a distance between music makers and listeners. We focus on the artists, the 'Stars', but there are so many people behind us who make it all happen. Without them, there's nothing.


The legendary Windmill Lane studios in Dublin opened its doors to us so that we could show 9 teenagers from southern and northern Ireland, growing up post Good Friday Agreement, and in the era of illegal downloads, how the music they love is made. We saw what producers, engineers, studios and managers do, and chatted together about the meaning of music and peace. It was awesome.

Staring the legendary Dionne Warwick, traditional Irish music forefather Noel Eccles, and Julie Feeney, and all the people behind the scenes in a recording studio who make recorded music happen and rarely get the credit for it.

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