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Claire Tchaikowski

A great big passionate melting pot

Hello, it's nice to meet you.


I'm Swiss, Irish, Polish & British, born in 

Switzerland. I now live in Bristol UK with my Soulmate and our young son, via Paris, Florence, Dublin, Belfast and London.

Also the Founder & CEO of Human Milk CIC and Human Milk Clothing, empowering women and their families 


The world is a small and precious place. Let's work together.

Constantly exploring the pull between my own innate sensuality, intellectual curiosity, my voice and whole body's natural desire for expression, and the rules most women are brought up to believe - involving shame and playing small, whilst also telling men that we exist for them to play with - since I stormed into an H&M age 12 to have a rant about a huge billboard of a young woman in a bikini. I love H&M by the way. This felt personal.


There is a fundamental difference between women expressing and enjoying our own sensuality freely, knowing, owning and fulfilling the many facets and functions of our own minds and bodies, and commercial and social use of us as sexually charged commodities that feeds us (and indeed relies on us believing) constant messaging that we are not enough. The former is still a passion today, and the latter still pisses me off.

I'm full of gratitude towards women like Madonna and Beyoncé and many more who have exploded the rules on how a woman is supposed to show up to be acceptable. Tori Amos, Liz Fraser and Lisa Gerrard taught me that you don't have to use your voice like everyone else if that's not what your voice wants to do.


My passion finds expression through music and more recently through Human Milk (though these, and this website, are my personal thoughts)I was also an Artist's model for 20 years. Sculpture, drawing, painting, photography... I modelled in London, Paris and Switzerland for Sir Peter Blake, Anna NightingalePrince Michael of Kent at Kensington Palace, François Berthoud, Judith Brenner and many more. I modelled for a sculpture of Degas ballet dancers commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei when I was 17, did the odd fashion shoot, and was Sharon Stone's body double for one of her movies.

I worked for many years too as a film and TV extra as well as a body double. I got to work on V for Vendetta, Basic Instinct II, The Virgin Queen, on Extras with Ricky Gervais (the most fun of all!), and on endless TV productions from Holby City to Foyle's War, Eastenders to Hex, to Shakespeare Retold with Damian Lewis.


It paid the bills whilst I was working on my album, but it also became an invaluable accidental apprenticeship in story telling, teamwork and big projects that shape our perception of the world.

I love it. Learning from so many different Artists; musicians, actors, painters, film makers, photographers, entrepreneurs, producers, directors, mix engineers... using so many different mediums, all looking for the deepest possible expression of what they have inside. 

I constantly listen, learn and delve deeper into my own relationship to my Art, my voice, my body, my beliefs and my business... letting go of learned shame and fear, moving towards empowerment and freedom. For everyone.


Catalogue photoshoot, sketch by Anna Nightingale and private collection photoshoot, London.